Protetyka stomatologiczna



Our offer includes:

  • porcelain veneers,
  • ceramic crowns and bridges,
  • porcelain crowns and bridges with their base base built upon non-precious metals,
  • prostheses over implants,
  • ceramic and composite inlays and onlays,
  • skeletal dentures with cast clasps,
  • swivel latch skeletal dentures,
  • acrylic dentures,
  • metal dental crown post.

Temporary crowns are free of charge with us!


Price list
Standard porcelain crown starts at 1000 PLN
Ceramic crown built atop zircon oxide base starts at 1500 PLN
All-ceramic crown starts at 1500 PLN
Porcelain veneer starts at 1000 PLN
Skeletal denture made of metal starts at 2600 PLN
Acrylic denture starts at 1200 PLN
Acron denture starts at 2500 PLN
Completion of inlay / onlay starts at 600  PLN

Maximum comfort
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