Stomatologia zachowawcza

Preventive dentistry

Preservative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals in treating decayed teeth in such a way that their natural shape and colour is preserved. The next step beyond preservative dentistry is aesthetic dentistry, which strives to improve the look and feel of a patient's teeth, so as to make their smile more bright and beautiful with the use of the latest materials and technologies available. At our clinic we utilise the highest-quality materials and put great care into rebuilding damaged tooth tissue so that the end result looks natural and is easy on the eye. Presently, tooth cavity treatment is a painless experience for the patient thanks to local anaesthetics that can be introduced to the base of a tooth just before treatment. The dose of such an anaesthetic can be adjusted according to the patient's age and overall health.


Price list
Composite filling starts at 250 PLN
Root crown reconstruction with metal base starts at 300 PLN
Root crown reconstruction with fibreglass base starts at 350 PLN
Relaxation bite splint starts at 350PLN
Additional anesthesia for other procedures starts at 50PLN

Maximum comfort
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