Endodontic (root canal) treatment is a therapy that consists of the complete removal and replacement of a tooth's diseased or dead pulp. At our clinic, we always try to complete an endodontic treatment within just one visit so as to save your time and make the experience less stressful. Moreover, such an approach lowers the risk of an additional canal infection.

To achieve the best possible results in root canal treatment we use the latest treatment techniques as well as high quality diagnostics equipment.

The treatment starts by isolating the ill tooth from the rest of the oral cavity with a rubber dam (a thin sheet of rubber). To permanently seal the bored canal we use thermoplastic Gutta-percha-derived biopolymer that ensures high filling tightness and durability. To determine the right size and shape of a root canal, we use a digital endodontic measurement device, Denta Port ZX. To bore and shape the canal we use endodontic microdrills and ultrasonic devices, all under RTG scrutiny.

It is always better and less expensive to treat a tooth's root properly rather than to extract it and replace if with an implant, a bridge, or a prosthetic!

Local anaesthetic and RTG X-Ray photography is free of charge when you decide to undergo an endodonthic therapy.



Price list
Endodontic treatment (one canal, one-visit therapy) 250 PLN
Recurrent endodontic treatments individual price
treatment under a microscope starts at 300 PLN
per canal

Maximum comfort
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