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Dental prophylaxis


Our offer:

  • professional ultrasonic plaque removal (scaling),
  • sandblasting (air polishing),
  • bite splints (used to treat chewing system disorders),
  • fissure sealing,
  • teeth treatment with fluoride varnish,
  • deciduous (milk) teeth impregnation with silver nitrate.

All the treatments listed above, if applied at least two times a year, prevent gingivitis (gum inflammation), periodontium diseases and allow for effective detection of caries in its initial state. We use in-mouth cameras for oral cavity diagnostics.


Price list
Dental check-up starts at 150PLN
Scaling + polishing starts at 250 PLN
Scaling + sandblasting + fluoride treatment starts at 300PLN
Spot digital x-ray   50 zł 

Maximum comfort
dental treatment