Dental braces as the key to a beautiful smile!

Orthodontics not only enables you to improve your occlusion, but the general look of your face as well.

Before a therapy can start, all your teeth must be healthy and have plaque and removed. You will also need RTG diagnostics (panoramic and cefalometric X-Ray) done before a treatment plan can be prepared.

Permanent braces can be used with adults as well as with children. They consist of locks and rings that are attached to one's teeth with the use of a special glue. Thanks to the fact that the braces apply force to one's teeth at all times, results can be obtained in the shortest time possible. Depending on a patient's needs and their aesthetic taste, there are a few types of bracer locks that we can use:

  • nickel-free stainless steel,,
  • self-ligating stainless steel,
  • ceramic,
  • Sapphire ICE.

Removable braces are type of braces that one can put in and out of one's mouth at one's convenience. They are chiefly used with growing children. Depending on the bite illness type, different forms of removable braces can be used.

Oral Cavity Hygiene

One of the most important things while wearing braces is proper oral cavity hygiene. The effectiveness of every day tooth brushing can be increased with the use of an inter-dental toothbrush, a dental thread or a dental irrigator. This is very important as improper hygiene may lead to permanent teeth discolouration , tooth decay and gingivitis.

Please also note that while wearing a permanent bracer you should avoid hard as well as sticky foods (toffee candies, chewing gum, etc.) as they may damage the braces.


Price list
Counselling and preliminary examination + diagnostic models preparation 150 PLN
Permanent braces (one arc), stainless steel locks 1800 PLN
Permanent braces (one arc), ceramic locks starts at 2000 PLN
Permanent braces (one arc), Sapphire ICE locks  starts at 2500 PLN 
Permanent braces (one arc), self-ligating locks starts at 2500 PLN 
Control visit with the replacement of one arch 100 PLN 
Retainer 250 PLN 
Schwartz plate starts at 450 PLN 
Fixed orthodontic appliance individual price
Removable orthodontic appliance individual price
Myobrace starts at 400PLN

Maximum comfort
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